Monday, August 20, 2012

Delete Duplicate Files From the Command-line with .NET

Having run into a scenario where I had directories with many duplicate files, I just hacked up a simple command-line solution based on crypto signatures. It's the same idea used in source control systems like Git and Mercurial, basically the SHA-1 hash of a file's contents.

Sample usage:

DupDel.exe [target-directory]

The utility will recursively analyze any sub-directories under the target directory and build an index of all files based on their content. Once complete, duplicates are processed in an interactive manner where the user is presented with a choice of which duplicate to keep

Keep which of the following duplicates:
1. \Some foo.txt
2. \bar\some other foo.doc

The types of files under the target directory are not important, so you can pass in directories to documents, music files, pictures, etc. My computer churned through 30 GB of data in about 5 minutes, so it's reasonably fast.


Clinty Clint said...

The link to DelDup is 404ing! :)

Sandro Magi said...

Thanks! Turns out it was actually