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Mobile Continuations for the Web

A continuation is basically the state of a program at the time the continuation was captured. For a common example, consider a blocking system call for any operating system. If the system call blocks the process, the continuation of that process is placed on a blocked queue until the system call completes. When the operation completes, the continuation is removed from the queue and resumed with the result of the system call. There has been plenty of well-deserved hoopla around continuations for web interaction . Navigating a website is a great deal like operating on a program's continuations. A page generated from a server-side program contains references to a number of program continuations in its links and forms. Clicking a link or submitting a form invokes the captured continuation which the server then executes. The result is yet another set of continuations on the resulting page, ad infinitum. Unfortunately, most continuation frameworks are designed around server-side continu