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Sasa v0.9.3 Released!

I recently realized that it's been over a year since I last put out a stable Sasa release . Sasa is in production use in a number of applications, but the stable releases on Sourceforge have lagged somewhat, and a number of fixes and enhancements have been added since v0.9.2. So I decided to simply exclude the experimental and broken abstractions and push out a new release so others could benefit from everything Sasa v0.9.3 has to offer. The changelog contains a full list of changes, too numerous to count. I'll list here a few of the highlights. IL Rewriter C# unfortunately forbids certain types from being used as generic type constraints, even though these constraints are available to CIL. For instance, the following is legal CIL but illegal in C#: public void Foo<T>(T value) where T : Delegate { ... } Sasa now provides a solution for this using its ilrewrite tool. The above simply uses the Sasa.TypeConstraint<T> in the type constraint and the rewriter will