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Sasa v0.15.0 Released

This release features a few new conveniences, a few bugfixes and a vector that's faster than any other I've managed to find for .NET. Here's the changelog since the last v0.14.0 release: * more elaborate benchmarking and testing procedures * added a minor optimization to purely functional queues that caches the reversed enqueue list * FingerTree was switched to use arrays as opposed to a Node type * optimized FingerTree enumerator * FingerTree array nodes are now reused whenever possible * Sasa.Collections no longer depends on Sasa.Binary * MIME message's body encoding is now defaulted to ASCII if none specified * added convenient ExceptNull to filter sequences of optional values * NonNull<T> no longer requires T to be a class type, which inhibited its use in some scenarios * fixed null error when Weak<T> improperly constructed * added variance annotations on some base interfaces * added a super fast Vector<T> to Sasa.Collections *