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Sasa v0.12.0 Released

Just a quick announcement that Sasa v0.12.0 was just released. You can obtain the individual assemblies via Nuget , or the whole set from Sourceforge . The docs are available as a CHM file on sourceforge, or online here . Overview This release includes a few fixes, the most prominent of which are in the HTML parser and the parsing of MIME linked resources. Note that since v0.11.0, some extension methods on MailMessage have been deprecated due to Microsoft's recommended usage guidelines. The headers those extension methods accessed are overwritten whenever a MailMessage is sent via SmtpClient, so it's better not to rely on them. A new feature is the sasametal utility, which is basically a wrapper around sqlmetal that normalizes some of the bizarre property names from sqlmetal into more CLR friendly names. A forthcoming blog post will cover the use of this tool. Other new features include first-class references , and first-class slots . These are currently in the core Sa