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Algebra.NET: A Simple Algebra eDSL for .NET

Algebra.NET is a simple library designed to facilitate easy expression and manipulation of algebraic functions. For instance, here's a simple function: Function<Func<double, double>> a = Algebra.Function(x => 2 * x + 1); We can compile such a function to efficient IL: Func<double, double> func = a.Compile("times2plus1"); Or we can apply some algebraic identities to rewrite it: Identity associative = Algebra.Identity(x => x + 1 == 1 + x); Identity mulEqAdd = Algebra.Identity(x => 2 * x == x + x); Console.WriteLine(a); Console.WriteLine(a.Rewrite(1, associative, mulEqAdd)); // Prints: // ((2 * x) + 1) // (1 + (x + x)) Rewrites can sometimes loop forever (consider "x + y == y + x"), so the Rewrite method takes a number indicating the maximum number of iterations to perform all the rewrites. All the usual arithmetic operations are available, including an extension method for exponentiation: var f = Algebra.Function(x => x.Po

Sasa v0.17.0 Released

A few new features in this release, and a few bugfixes and enhancements in MIME parsing. As before, the online docs are available on my site, the full release including experimental assemblies on Sourceforge , and the production assemblies on Nuget . The changelog: * sasametal can now replace columns and FK associations with enums that are provided separately * sasametal can now output an interface file, which generates an interface describing the database entities * many MIME fixes thanks to a few bug reports on Sasa discussion list * added System.Data, which provides useful extensions to ADO.NET and IQueryable, like a simple interface for batched SQL queries * MIME parser now accepts an optional parsing parameter that controls various parsing options, like how strict e-mail address formatting accepted, and whether HTML views should be parsed into MailMessage.Body * added enum as a primitive to Sasa.Dynamics IReducer and IBuilder * fixed Sasa.Enums .IsSequenti