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Sasa v0.11 Released

A new release of Sasa is now available on Sourceforge and Nuget. This release contains few bugfixes and some minor new convenience features.ChangelogMailMessage extension method Reply() now considers the media type of the original body, and if it's not text/plain, then the original body is attached to the reply message as an inline attachmentif original e-mail doesn't specify sufficient content-type information, generate it and reset the original e-mail's headernew IEnumerable extensions, SingleSelect and FirstSelect, which select a component of the only or first items in a sequence, respectively, that match an optional predicate, even if the item returned is null refactored ToRaw extension to simplify and generalize MIME outputmore rigourous MIME parsing testsparsing MIME views now properly propagates the transfer encoding and contentIdHtml parser element tags and content can now be mutatedYou can also view the full documentation online.

Sasa v0.10 Released

I just uploaded v0.10 of Sasa, my open source class libraries. This release features a few small bugfixes and enhancements to MIME parsing, and some useful new concurrency features. .NET 4.0 binaries are now also provided.Bugixesbugfix: added some runtime fixes due to semantic changes in .NET 4.0 base class librariesbugfix: multipart/alternative MIME messages are now parsed into the containing message's alternate viewsbugfix: set a MailMessage reply's From property if a source address is availablebugfix: ThreadScoped now properly reclaims data across threadsbugfix: more efficient and safer Lazy initializerNewnew: provided builds for .NET 4.0 new: added Atomics.Read and Atomics.Write thread-safe read/write operations that perform atomic reads larger-than-word structs without locks [1] new: added simple load-linked/store-conditional operations, under Atomics.LoadLinked/StoreCondition, and Sasa.Concurrency.LLSC new: added a LockSet object which takes locks in hashcode order to av…