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High-level constructs for low-level C: exception handling, RAII, sum types and pattern matching

There are numerous high-level abstractions available in other languages that simply make programming easier and less error prone. For instance, automatic memory management, pattern matching, exceptions, higher order functions, and so on. Each of these features enable the developer to reason about program behaviour at a higher level, and factor out common behaviour into separate but composable units. For fun, I've create a few small macro headers that enable some of these patterns in pure C. If anyone sees any portability issues, please let me know! libex: Exception Handling and RAII RAII in C is definitely possible via a well-known pattern used everywhere in the Linux kernel . It's a great way to organize code, but the program logic and finalization and error logic are not syntactically apparent. You have to interpret the surrounding context to identify the error conditions, and when and how finalization is triggered. To address this, I encapsulated this RAII pattern in a macro