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Embedded Stack Language for .NET - Redux

Awhile ago, I had posted about an embedding of a stack language in C#. The type signatures of the functions and the stack object encoded the consumption and production of stack values, so if your program compiled, it ran correctly. Unfortunately, the prior structure had a safety problem when generating code which I noted, but didn't have time to address. The new structure provided below does not have the safety problem, and any functions that compile are guaranteed to execute correctly. I have also altered the style to emphasize the row variable representing the "rest of the record" which the operation knows nothing about. The row variable is denoted by "_". This is still a fairly limited embedding, but I have added a few convenience functions, and may yet add more. Here is a sample program: var d = new DynamicMethod("test", typeof(void), null); var s = 1.Load() // load constant: { int } .Int(2) // load constan