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Clavis Rebooted: Secure, Type-Safe URLs for ASP.NET

A few years ago, I wrote about a web security microframework for ASP.NET which provided a few primitives for secure parameter-passing and navigation. I've just released a public alpha on Nuget for anyone who's willing to try it. The previous article covered the theoretic foundation of Clavis well enough, but it has undergone a few small revisions to make it easier to use and integrate more seamlessly with ASP.NET. This post will serve as an end-user introduction to Clavis, the rationale behind the design decisions, and the benefits it provides. As a brief summary to whet your appetite, here are the advantages that the Clavis library provides for an otherwise standard ASP.NET web forms or MVC project: By default, URLs are derived from types, so the compiler ensures that every page that will be displayed actually exists. The default URL generated can be overridden via an attribute. Declarative specification of the types and number of parameters a page accepts, which the c