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Sasa v0.9 Released

Sasa v0.9 has been released. See the changelog for a detailed description of the changes. Here is the original release description for Sasa v0.8. This post will describe only changes from v0.8.

Backwards-incompatible changes:
Renamed Sasa.Collections.List to Sasa.Collections.Seq to avoid clashes with System.Collections.Generic.List
Restructured the list operators to better support chaining
Useful additions include:
Sasa.Weak<T> which wraps WeakReference
Additional string processing functions, like StringExt.SliceEquals
Array-processing combinators under Sasa.Collections.Arrays (Slice, Dup, etc.)
Stream functions under Sasa.IO (CopyTo, ToArray)
Support for MIME decoding and encoding for MailMessage parsing
Better conformance to RFCs for Pop3Client and MailMessage parsing
Concurrency bugfix in Sasa.Lazy.
MIME MailMessage parsing and the Pop3Client are already in use in production code, and conformance appears adequate after hundreds of processed messages.

Experimental Additions
There a…