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Sasa v0.16.0 Released

Mainly a bugfix release, with only a few new features. As always, the docs are available here online , or as a compiled CHM file on sourceforge . Here's the changelog: * a few bugfixes to MIME parsing for header and word decoding (Thanks Evan!) * added combined SubstringSplit function for more space efficient parsing * explicitly parse e-mail addresses for more flexible address separators * NonNull now throws an exception if encapsulated value is null, which is used in the case when the instance is invalidly constructed (Thanks Mauricio!) * build now checks for the presence of the signing key and ignores it if it's not present * a more efficient Enum.HasFlag using codegen * added a new ImmutableAttribute which Sasa's runtime analyses respects * FilePath's encapsulated string now exposed as a property Thanks to Evan/iaiken for a number of bug reports, and to Mauricio for feedback on the NonNull<T> pattern.