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NHibernate: Associations with Composite Primary Keys as Part of a Composite Primary Key

NHibernate is a pretty useful tool, but occasionally it's not entirely documented in a way that makes it's flexibility evident. Composite keys are a particularly difficult area in this regard, as evidenced by the numerous articles on the topic.Most of the existing articles cover this simply enough, but there is one uncommon corner case I have yet to see explained anywhere: a composite primary key one of whose key properties is an association with a composite key. This is probably pretty uncommon and there are ways around it, hence the lack of examples, but as a testament to NHibernate's flexibility, it's possible! Here's the example in code listing only the primary keys:public class MotorType { public Horsepower Horsepower { get; protected set; } public VoltageType VoltageType { get; protected set; } } public class Motor { public MotorType MotorType { get; protected set; } public Efficiency Efficiency { get; protected set; } } The tables look like this:Moto…