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Sasa v0.9.2 Released

The newest Sasa release contains a number of bugfixes and increased compliance with MIME standards, including proper MIME MailMessage subject decoding. Perhaps of wider interest to the .NET community, there are a number of extension methods for thread safe and null-safe event raising ; safe event raising is a major bane of the .NET developer's existence. There are specific overloads for all System.Action delegate types. A general RaiseAny extension method is also provided that isn't very efficient, but which should match the signature of any event in the class libraries. More overloads can be provided for more efficient execution if needed. Here is the complete list of changes from the changelog: = v0.9.2 = * fixed bug where quoted printable encoding failed when = was the last character. * added Pop3Session.Reset method. * compact serializer no longer uses stream positions to track cached objects, so non-indexable streams, like DeflateStream, are now usable. * ISerializi