Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Disabling EDGE/3G on iPhone OS 3.0

After much struggle and dead ends, this fix worked like a charm. I don't think it's been publicized very much, and there are many people in need of such fixes.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sasa v0.9.2 Released

The newest Sasa release contains a number of bugfixes and increased compliance with MIME standards, including proper MIME MailMessage subject decoding. Perhaps of wider interest to the .NET community, there are a number of extension methods for thread safe and null-safe event raising; safe event raising is a major bane of the .NET developer's existence.

There are specific overloads for all System.Action delegate types. A general RaiseAny extension method is also provided that isn't very efficient, but which should match the signature of any event in the class libraries. More overloads can be provided for more efficient execution if needed.

Here is the complete list of changes from the changelog:
= v0.9.2 =

* fixed bug where quoted printable encoding failed when = was the last
* added Pop3Session.Reset method.
* compact serializer no longer uses stream positions to track cached
objects, so non-indexable streams, like DeflateStream, are now
* ISerializing interface generalized to support serializing non-primitive
field values.
* added e-mail subject decoding.
* fixed boundary condition on QuotedPrintableEncoding.
* added extension methods to support safely raising events.
* added an extension method to safely generate field and property names
as strings.
* added parameter to Compact serializer to indicate whether
SerializableAttribute should be respected.
* added a boundary check for SliceEquals.
* added a event Raise overload for any event handlers whose arg
inherits from EventArgs, which enables safe event raising within
an object.
* MailAddressCollection already handles parsing comma-delimited e-mail
address strings, so don't attempt to split them manually.
* added a test for an e-mail address that contains a comma.
* default to us-ascii charset if none provided.
* NonNull now throws a ArgumentNullException with a proper
* many FxCop-related fixes and CLS compliance improvements.
* added usage restrictions on Sasa.CodeContracts attributes.

[Edit: generating HTML docs from the XML files used to be such a chore, though Sandcastle at least makes it possible, if convoluted. Mono's mdoc util is barely any help here, as it can only process one Visual Studio generated XML file at a time. I just found ImmDoc.Net which made this process ridiculously easy and stupendously fast, easily an order of magnitude faster than Sandcastle, but it looks like there's a bug handling method ref and out parameters.

In any case, here is some preliminary HTML API documentation for your perusal (CHM file here). Unfortunately, Sandcastle doesn't produce a handy index.html, but hopefully the ImmDoc.Net dev will fix the above bug soon, and I can use that to generate documentation.]

[Edit 2: The ImmDoc.Net dev fixed the bug, so here is a clearer set of docs with a proper index. The previous link will still work for now.]