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AspQ - A JavaScript Event Queue for ASP.NET

A nearly universal problem in ASP.NET is handling multiple postbacks. There are various server-side and client-side solutions to deal with this, but these solutions can only be understood once you already have the domain knowledge to solve the problem yourself. You then end up repeating the pattern in every project. Well, programming is about not repeating yourself and automating repetitive tasks. So I've released a reusable abstraction to handle multiple postbacks on the client-side. Because it's a client-side solution, it will only work for browsers with JavaScript enabled, but that's by far the most common case. AspQ AspQ is a small JavaScript object that hooks into the ASP.NET JS standard and AJAX runtimes. It basically queues all sync and async postback requests so they don't interfere with one another, and applies the updates in event order. I believe this option provides a superior user experience to simply preventing a submit until the previous postback ha