Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sasa v0.11 Released

A new release of Sasa is now available on Sourceforge and Nuget. This release contains few bugfixes and some minor new convenience features.


  • MailMessage extension method Reply() now considers the media type of the original body, and if it's not text/plain, then the original body is attached to the reply message as an inline attachment
  • if original e-mail doesn't specify sufficient content-type information, generate it and reset the original e-mail's header
  • new IEnumerable extensions, SingleSelect and FirstSelect, which select a component of the only or first items in a sequence, respectively, that match an optional predicate, even if the item returned is null refactored ToRaw extension to simplify and generalize MIME output
  • more rigourous MIME parsing tests
  • parsing MIME views now properly propagates the transfer encoding and contentId
  • Html parser element tags and content can now be mutated

You can also view the full documentation online.

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