Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sasa-0.9.4-RC5 Uploaded to Sourceforge and Nuget

Since I recently finished documenting the core Sasa assembly, I decided to upload -RC4. Of course, then I ran into an issue with Nuget, which forced me to update my version number to -RC5 in order to overwrite an improperly uploaded package. So here is Sasa 0.9.4-RC5:

  • Sourceforge: download all assemblies and ilrewrite in one package. CHM documentation file available as a separate download. Documentation available online here.
  • Sasa on Nuget: the core Sasa.dll (no dependencies)
  • Sasa.Arrow on Nuget: arrows for .NET (depends on Sasa.dll)
  • Sasa.Binary on Nuget: low-level functions on bitdata (no dependencies)
  • Sasa.Collections on Nuget: purely functional lists, trees, stacks (depends on Sasa.dll, Sasa.Binary.dll)
  • Sasa.Concurreny on Nuget: concurrent abstractions including faster thread-local data and software transactional memory (depends on Sasa.dll)
  • Sasa.Contracts on Nuget: a simple reimplementation of Microsoft's code contracts (no dependencies)
  • Sasa.FP on Nuget: more obscure functional abstractions like binomial collections, lenses and function currying (depends on Sasa.dll and Sasa.Collections.dll)
  • Sasa.IoC on Nuget: a simple inversion of control container based on delegates (no dependencies)
  • Sasa.Linq on Nuget: extensions on LINQ expressions, including a faster evaluator/compiler, expression substitutions, and base classes for query providers and expression visitors (depends on Sasa.dll)
  • Sasa.Mime on Nuget: extended media type directory and mappings between file extensions and media types (no dependencies)
  • Sasa.Net on Nuget: network extensions, including a POP3 client, MIME message parsing, and a preliminary HTTP session state machine (depends on Sasa.dll and Sasa.Collections.dll)
  • Sasa.Numerics on Nuget: analytical extensions for .NET, including statistical functions, minimal steiner tree approximations and dense matrix math (no dependencies)
  • Sasa.Parsing on Nuget: typed, extensible lexing and parsing library (depends on Sasa.dll)
  • Sasa.Reactive on Nuget: reactive properties (named and unnamed) and futures (depends on Sasa.dll)
  • Sasa's ilrewrite on Nuget: Sasa's IL rewriter (no dependencies)

Please let me know if there are problems with any of the downloads, or with Sasa itself.


John Zabroski said...

Do you know how to test nuget packages?

Sandro Magi said...

Not really. I was just using the nuget UI program which makes it easy to publish. Too easy even, since I made a few mistakes and published too soon. If you have any suggestions, I'm all ears!