Saturday, June 29, 2013

Sasa 0.9.4 Released

I've just uploaded the final Sasa v0.9.4 release to Sourceforge and Nuget. The full API documentation for all assemblies in the Sasa framework is available here. The full changelog is available in the Sourceforge download, or directly in the repo here. Suffice it to say, changes since v0.9.3 include hundreds of bugfixes, and many, many new features.

A brief overview of what Sasa is, and what features it provides is covered on the wiki, and reproduced below.

Sasa Class Libraries for .NET

Sasa is a set of organized class libraries for the .NET framework 3.5 or higher. Here's an overview of the assemblies available and the features they provide:

Sasa.dllTuples, sums, generic operators, LINQ extensions, string extensions, thread-safe and null-safe events, and more
Sasa.Arrow.dllArrow computations for .NETSasa.dll
Sasa.Binary.dllLow-level functions on bitdata, fast endian conversions, untagged unions, and more
Sasa.Collections.dllPurely functional lists, trees, stacksSasa.dll, Sasa.Binary.dll
Sasa.ConcurrencyConcurrency abstractions including faster thread-local data and simple software transactional memory in pure C#Sasa.dll
Sasa.Contracts.dllA simple API-complete reimplementation of Microsoft's code contracts (rewriter not yet provided)
Sasa.FP.dllMore obscure functional abstractions like binomial collections, lenses and function curryingSasa.dll, Sasa.Collections.dll
Sasa.IoC.dllA simple, efficient inversion of control container based on delegates
Sasa.Linq.dllExtensions on LINQ expressions, including a faster expression compiler, expression substitutions, and base classes for query providers and expression visitorsSasa.dll
Sasa.Mime.dllExtended media type directory and mappings between file extensions and media types
Sasa.Net.dllNetwork extensions, including a POP3 client, MIME message parsing, and a preliminary HTTP session state machineSasa.dll, Sasa.Collections.dll
Sasa.Numerics.dllAnalytical extensions for .NET, including statistical functions, minimal Steiner tree approximations and dense matrix math
Sasa.Parsing.dllTyped, extensible lexing and parsing librarySasa.dll
Sasa.Reactive.dllNamed and anonymous reactive values and propertiesSasa.dll
ilrewrite.exeSasa's IL rewriter performs type erasure on type constraints

Blog Series

My blog posts on Sasa cover some of the features in various assemblies:

I recently completed a blog series covering the core Sasa.dll assembly:

If anyone has any problems with the code or the documentation, please post here or in the Sasa forums. I'm happy to help!

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